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Our Mission

We believe in practicing sustainable farming, including a focus on growing native plants and seasonal flowers, and helping our native pollinator friends thrive. Providing fresh cut flowers directly to the Kitsap Peninsula reduces the number of flowers flown in from overseas, contributes to the local economy, and let's face it...fresher flowers means you can enjoy your flowers for longer!

We believe in community over competition. We have learned so much from the other incredible flower farmers in WA, and are continuously inspired by them. We want to make sure we pay it forward by sharing our knowledge and our space with others with open arms. We are all lifted up when we lift each other up! Flower friends are the BEST kind of friends!

We believe in supporting our community by collaborating with local businesses, and promoting our little hamlet "just a ferry ride away from Seattle" here in Kingston, WA. A win for any other business in town, is a win for us too, especially after 2020.

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Amber Kinnaird

Amber, our Head Farmer,  is growing Brightside from seeds, tubers, and roots with her extensive knowledge and gift for growing. Amber holds degrees in both biology and environmental studies, and has studied native pollinators in AZ and WA.


Rachael Cates

With a background in marketing and photography, Rachael is helping with the day to day business and marketing operations of Brightside, fulfilling a lifelong dream of owning a farm, and fostering a new found passion for flowers.

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